10 Best Log Drum or Slit Drum Reviews [Buyer’s Guide 2022]

A log drum or slit drum is a percussion instrument, which is prepared from logs of fallen trees. Percussion instruments are an integral part of any kind of music. This instrument is played during celebrations and various rituals.

It might appear like a drum because it is actually an idiophone. This is prepared from wood or bamboo in a box.

There will be slits at the top of this drum. They usually have only one slit at the top, but you can also find some drums with two or more slits.

The tone produced from a drum depends on the number of slits available there. Therefore, you should carefully read this guide to find the best log drum.

Best Log or Slit Drums:

Finding a perfect slit drum for learning this instrument and your musical practice can be a daunting task. You need to have a greater understanding of how this instrument works and what to consider before buying one.

We have made this task easier for you by assessing and reviewing the best log drums available in the market:

Timber Tongue Drum  (T18-M)

Timber Drum Company is just a small workshop, but it crafts some impressive American-made instruments for music lovers.

It is made of durable American hardwood. Its hand-rubbed oil finish offers it a truly impressive look.

This drum weighs 9.05 pounds and it shows how durable and reliable this instrument is. You can produce 6 mellow tones through this instrument and its warm resonance sound will encourage you to play more and more.

Whether you are a drummer or not, playing Timber Drum Company’s instrument would not be a tough task for you.

  • Perfect for learning how to play this type of drum.
  • The hand-rubbed oil finish offers it a beautiful appeal.
  • Produces a more appealing sound when played with mallets.
  • It is an American-made.
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  • Limited tonality and it is a bit expensive.

Timber Solid American Hardwood Drum

Timber Drum Company has produced some great instruments to date. Its 8” Solid American Hardwood drum is a great choice as a durable, affordable, and perfectly toned.

This block produces natural and woody sounds that many others fail to generate.

Many people pick plastic blocks and imagine that their instrument will work as effectively as a wooden block.

In reality, only American hardwood-made instruments offer to reverberate the organic sound of the wood.

Its hand-rubbed oil finish and durable construction ensure a long-lasting service with years of uninterrupted practice.

  • Made of Tennessee hardwood to produce organic-woody sound.
  • It has a one-piece design but it’s still quite durable.
  • Comes with two durable mallets.
  • Superb sound quality.
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  • Sound quality is not as great as other top-end Timber offers.

Schlagwerk Log Drum 10 Tone

The Schlagwerk Drum is a finely crafted 10 tone drum. It is the original creation from Schlagwerk and many others have tried to introduce its versions.

This original version works way much better than other instruments. It is tuned to an F-Pentatonic scale.

It is a perfect one for you if you love to do experimentation with musical instruments and music.

This percussion instrument has ten pitches and it is capable of producing warm sounds with the mallets.

You get easy access to the rhythm and melody this one generates so that you can easily create entertaining music.

  • 10 pitches, f, g, a, c’, d’, f’, g’, a’, c”, d”.
  • Produces warm and melodious sound.
  • Works better with mallets.
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  • It is heavy and some buyers did not get mallets with the drum.

Tongue Drum Slit with Mallets

This one is the most widely chosen drum when it comes to producing rich resonance and warm sound.

It offers you 4 notes and playing areas. You also get two perfectly crafted mallets free with this drum.

You can set up this drum on its wooden feet and then start playing it with mallets. This hand-crafted log drum is a great gift to any kid, who is interested in music.

Skilled artisans have worked hard to make this percussion instrument melodious and durable. You can buy it right now at a very affordable price.

  • Top-skilled artisans crafted with their hands.
  • Capable of producing impressive harmonic tones.
  • Plays four different notes.
  • Made of quality hardwood.
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  • Not every buyer is impressed with its durability.

Schlagwerk 45061

Schlagwerk brand is consistently delivering world-class drums for music lovers. Its 45061 is a six-tone drum, which is based on an F-Pentatonic scale.

This drum features a Padauk playing surface to produce a soft and full sound.

You can easily generate harmonious sound patterns on this drum by choosing different beat sequences. It weighs only 4.41 pounds and thus it becomes one of the lightest slit drums available in the market.

Padauk wood offers it a durable structure and capability of generating resonating sounds. Therefore, it must be on your best-of-the-list.

  • Offering six pitches c’, d’, f’, g’, a’, and c”.
  • Beautifully crafted from Padauk Wood.
  • Suitable to play with mallets MA 102/103.
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  • The only drawback is its expensive price.

Schlagwerk 60C80 Drum

It is not easy to ignore Schlagwerk instruments when searching for the best drum. This brand carefully produces instruments that can meet all the expectations of the user.

The 60C80 is endorsed as the sister of 60 P 82. It is capable of delivering perfectly clear, open, and warm sound options because of C-Pentatonic.

All the plates are carved perfectly. You can play with enthusiasm without worrying about missing or damaging the instrument.

It offers eight pitches to produce a melodious sound. Its MA 102/103 mallets will ensure you get the best sound with each note.

  • Designed to play e, g, c’, d’, e’, g’, and a’ notes.
  • Made of durable Padauk wood.
  • Exceptionally durable.
  • You get a it pre-tuned by expert musicians.
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  • It might take some time to be familiar with notes.

Wood Tone with Mallet Solid Hardwood Percussion

It is pretty small in size, but it can still produce quite rhythmic sounds. Consider it as a gift for children, who love to beat things to produce music.

It has a one-piece solid wood design. Breaking or damaging would be a tough task for any kid.

This block produces much better sound than plastic blocks. You can carry it to any rhythm class and learn how to play music with.

It is made of solid beech wood and therefore it can last for many years. Its one-piece design promises a long service with no requirement for maintenance.

  • Built from solid beech wood.
  • One-piece design makes it more durable than other wooden percussion instruments.
  • Perfect gift for children.
  • Equipped with mounting holes to keep the mallets safe.
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  • It is quite small in size.

Hohner Accodions Wood Tone

This solid wood drum features three tongues to create warm and impressive rhythms. You will enjoy playing this round-shaped drum with mallets.

It comes with a rubber mallet to create a pure wooden sound with each gentle strike.

This type of wooden drum has been played during the ancient age to tell stories and also for celebration. Today is an integral part of many ancient cultures.

You can also get your hands on this beautiful drum to assess your drumming skills. It can be a great instrument to learn to drum and then you can switch to an advanced instrument.

  • Made of natural wood and features three tongues.
  • Impressive outer design.
  • A perfect percussion instrument for children.
  • Durable mallets are included in the package.
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  • Not ideal for adults.

Slit Log Drum with Mallet

If there is a little musician in your family, who often tries to create music by beating different things, you should encourage him for better performance. Gift him the wood tone drum.

This percussion instrument is an innovative version of slit drums. Its simple but impressive design would encourage your children to pick the mallets and play with them.

It is an 8″ round tone drum. Built of durable wood, they promise fun and great entertainment.

It is a  children’s product (24 months and up), which you can gift your kids. They would love to play it and they might soon become an expert in playing on it.

  • 3 sound tongues
  • Great for entertainment at home, especially if your children take interest in musical instruments.
  • Sturdy mallet with a rubber head.
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  • 2 lower tones are quite similar.

Mali Krin Drum – Professional African Kolokolo with Sticks

Mali Krin is one of the best options you get on Amazon when looking for a top-quality product. It is a professional-grade drum, which is imported from Bamako.

Craftsmen at Africa Heartwood Project have carved each one by their hands. These specific drums are made by following the traditional African methods and tuned to produce clear and distinct tones.

The manufacturers have seasoned and oiled each piece of wood to maintain the quality of this instrument.

It weighs 8-9 lbs and comes with mallet-like sticks. It is one of the most durable slit drums you can buy for your musical practices.

  • Each is imported from Africa and then inspected, cleaned, and tuned.
  • Hand-carved to maintain the quality and melody of the drums.
  • Made of hardwood to last for a long time.
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  • It is expensive.

Log Drum Instrument

The log drum instrument is used in many cultures across the world. The sound of this one can be heard from over half a mile away in open areas and can be used for communication.

It consists of a log with a slit cut in it and a membrane stretched across the opening.

The membrane is then struck with either a mallet or the player’s hands to create a variety of sounds.

A similar instrument can be seen in parts of Africa and Asia where it is known as a mbira

Log Drum Sound

This “music tool” is a membranophone that is shaped like a log. It can be constructed either from a whole log or from a section of the log.

It is played with a drumstick, and it produces a low-pitched sound that blends well with the rest of the band’s instruments.

The type of wood and the way in which it is cut will determine what the resulting sound will be like.

Polynesian Log Drums

A Polynesian drum is an instrument that is carved from a single piece of wood. The drum can be played by hand or with a mallet, and the sound is generally considered smooth and mellow.

The drum is traditionally played by sitting cross-legged on the ground and striking it with hand-held wooden beaters.

The rhythm of the Polynesian drum is often accompanied by chants, which serve as an accompaniment for dances.

African Log Drum

An African log drum has been a popular instrument in Africa for centuries, but these drums have just recently become more popular in the United States.

Africans have used this drum in healing rituals, marriage ceremonies, and funerals for centuries.

It originated in West Africa and became popular during the slave trade. It consists of a hollow log, traditionally that of a shea tree, and a piece of cowhide.

The cowhide is stretched across the opening of the hollowed log and held in place with ropes or cords.

Players strike the cowhide with sticks or other instruments, resulting in a unique sound.

Tongue Log Drum

The tongue log drum, also known as the tongue log gong, is an instrument used in a variety of different musical genres throughout history and continues to be used today.

It is the most common type of slit gong in the world, found in nearly every region where trees grow – especially in the Eastern Subterra.

The tongue drum is a tube of wood with a membrane stretched over one end. The other end is left open to expose the hollow center.

The membrane can be made out of any animal skin that has been tanned and scraped thin.

It can also be made out of plastic or metal, but these are less common among professional musicians due to the high cost and difficulty in tuning them accurately.

Slit Drum Instrument (Slit Gong)

Slit drums (also known as Slit gong) have been used as a signaling instrument in South African countries for many ages. It is an idiophone drum, made only from a wood log.

People from different tribes have played this instrument on many occasions and it is still an important part of African culture. Today, you can find many variations of them, such as slit tongue.

Bamboo Slit Drum

The bamboo slit drum, also commonly referred to as the slit gong” is an instrument that was developed in ancient times and is still used today.

It is a single-headed, round-bodied drum with a slit on each side that produces a musical note when hit.

When both sides are stuck together, the resulting sound is loud and high-pitched.

Slit Gong

The slit gong, also known as a slit drum, is a percussion instrument that is beaten with two sticks.

The slit gong is played in a variety of music styles, including jazz and rock, though it is most commonly associated with the genres of African and world music.

The traditional ones was created in Indonesia and Malaysia, but it has become popular throughout Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe over the years.

In these places, they have been used for hundreds of years as both instruments and ceremonial drums.

What Is The Krin Log Drum And How It’s Made?

It is a renowned intermediate-level percussion instrument. It is the best instrument to learn to play in schools and ensembles. It is a type of slit drum made from hardwood in Africa.

The African people have been playing the krin drum since the ancient age. Its shape might have changed, but the sound still remains the same.

The art and practice of playing this instrument are actually fairly complex. In order to play a Krin drum, one must take into account three different factors:

length, thickness, and tension of their mallet; size and spacing of the membrane; and hardness or softness of the wood used to create the instrument.

All three factors must be taken into consideration before making a sound, as they directly affect one another. However, what really matters is that you have fun while playing on it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make an African slit drum?

The African slit drum is made from the hollowed-out shell of a large gourd and is traditionally played with a variety of mallets. It can also be played by hand (tapping on the side of the shell).

How is a log drum made?

It is made from hollow logs, which are hollowed out by removing the bark and most of the wood. The remaining hole is actually the drum. They can vary in size and shape.

What is the use of log drums?

It was used to communicate over long distances or in locations with poor visibility. The Indians would send messages along a chain of drums so that the message could be passed on quickly.

How do you play log drums?

You just need a mallet or stick to play it. Regular practice will allow you to create some melodious tunes.

What is a KRIN?

Krin is a type of idiophone drum, made of solid hardwood and it produces sounds when the whole drum vibrates.


There are many attractive options in slit drums and we have listed all the top-rated ones that are available on the market today.

You can buy one for your practice and also as a toy for your children. The featured log drum is the best for every percussion instrument lover, regardless of age and knowledge of music. So, consider it first.