Singing Bowls for Beginners [2023 Update]

You may have heard about singing bowls for beginners if you are into meditation and Zen. Numerous meditation masters keep singing bowls to meditate.

You as a beginner might not find anything special about these bowls. These meditative tools can bring lots of joy in your life and lead you to depression, anxiety, and a stress-free living experience.

They can thoroughly change the way you see this world and yourself in this world!  You should know how they work and how to pick the best one.

This guide will reveal many essential facts about the best singing bowls for beginners.

How to Choose a Singing Bowls for Beginners?

There are a few important factors you should consider when choosing singing bowls for beginners.

These factors will lead you to the best bowls available in the market for your meditational needs.

  • Type of the bowl:

Thadobati, Jambati, Naga, Mani, Ultabati, Manipuri, Lingam, Remuna, and Crystal are some popular types. Pick one of these types before placing the order.

  • Size and quality:

You can get both small and large sizes. Medium or large sizes can produce clear and soothing sounds.

Invest in great build quality to ensure you get a perfectly tuned bowl for meditation.

  • Old or new?

Signing bowls are used for meditation for many centuries. You can pick an old one if you want an antique masterpiece.

It might be expensive but the new ones are also feature-rich and quite impressive.

  • Musical note:

Singing bowls are tuned to play specific notes associated with 7 chakras of the chakra system. Reverberating sound of each note balances a specific chakra.

You should consider this fact and you must do some research on a chakra before you place the order.

Best Tibetan singing bowls for beginners

I was amazed when I learned about the benefits of this instrument.

Perks like reducing anxiety levels, stress, blood pressure, keeping you calm, and offering deep relaxation can lure anybody in today’s time.

I decided to try these amazing bowls and started searching for the best Tibetan singing bowls for beginners.

Although I wasn’t expecting too many options, many eye-catching and feature-rich bells emerged in the search results.

I learn how to assess the quality and performance of it. I paid special attention to the quality, purpose, vibration, and tones.

This research helped me in finding truly the best one for a person, who is new to meditation and Zen. The following are the best singing bowl sets for beginners:

TOPFUND Chakra Tuned Set of 3

Topfund is providing you with top-quality chakra-tuned instruments and other products such as gemstone fusion sound bowl sets, crystal singing pyramids, quartz tuning forks, and many other healing tools for meditation.

This set includes a 7” G, 9Ë, and 11” C bowl. All three are perfectly tuned and come in three eye-catching colors.

Topfund is also providing a heavy-duty carrying case for all three bells. Carrying and maintaining will be much easier due to this case.

You also get a cowhide suede striker and o-rings in the package. This brand sorts these bowls on the basis of their size and the musical note they produce.

Each one is tuned to play a specific note and that note aligns a specific chakra.

Exceptional build quality, impressive sounds, and vibrations make them perfect for meditation.

Besides, Topfund offers a 30-day guarantee in case any essential product is missing or damaged in the package.

  • Perfectly tuned 11”, 9”, and 7” bowls to C, E, and G notes.
  • Heavy-duty carry case.
  • Beautiful and colorful design.
  • A 30-day return and replacement guarantee.
This is box title
  • It is an expensive set for a beginner.

Silent Mind – Promotes Peace, Chakra Healing, and Mindfulness

If you find it daunting to express your feelings or feel overwhelmed with emotions, it can be an imbalance of your heart chakra.

All your genuine expressions come from the heart chakra. You need to find a way of aligning your heart chakra to maintain a healthy emotional flow.

You need the singing bowls for beginners, especially when you start with meditation.

It creates an influential hypnotic tone to align your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

Soothing sound and vibration will resonate with your feelings. You will be able to express what you feel with full confidence.

Whatever emotions are stuck inside you, they will come out because you won’t scare anymore to reveal them.

You will experience positive energy like never before and that energy will fill your emotional void.

It is true because that’s what I experienced after meditating with the sound created by this beautiful “instrument”.

  • Durable and flawlessly tuned.
  • Free E-Book Included.
  • Creates clear sound with a vibration that touches your heart.
  • Complete refund guarantee if you receive a damaged one.
This is box title
  • It is just one bowl, not a complete set of the chakra bells!

TOPFUND Solid Beech Wood Cowhide Suede Striker

Being made of top-quality cowhide and durable beech wood, this striker or mallet is a perfect tool for creating the clear sound of the 7 chakra singing bowls.

Topfund is the most trusted supplier of instruments and tools used in chakra meditation.

This striker is much better than ordinary mallets because cowhide is considered way better than sheep leather.

It is shipped in a durable pocket to ensure no contamination or damage occurs during shipping.

Mallets play an essential role in creating the soothing sound of singing bowls. You may have bought an expensive one, but it won’t create soothing and relaxing sounds until you use a feature-rich mallet.

A normal striker can create sound but that won’t resonate and last too long. Your entire focus will be on the sound instead of meditation and that’s not good for chakra healing.

Meditate to explore yourself and activate all the seven chakras of the chakra system.

Buy and use Beech Suede Striker to produce a resonating sound for aligning all the chakras.

  • It is a top-quality striker, made of genuine cowhide and sturdy beechwood.
  • Weighs only 4 ounces and measures 8×1.1×1.1 inches in size.
  • A 30-day return and replacement guarantee if you get defected product.
This is box title
  • This mallet/striker is not shipped in all the countries.

Crystal Singing Bowls for Beginners

Crystal singing bowls for beginners are an excellent teaching tool and those seeking new challenges in their practice.

Crystal is the most commonly used material for singing bowls, as a result of its clear resonance and ease of use.

Bowls for beginners can vary greatly in quality, size, and price point depending on what you’re looking for.

As they’re so versatile in their uses, they’re great for beginners as well as experienced practitioners of this ancient instrument.

They have been used to soothe the body and soul since at least the 12th century when they were first introduced as part of Tibetan Buddhist practice.

They produce a sound that can be very relaxing and it is believed that their vibrations help to balance the whole body and mind.

These instruments are also used by practitioners of yoga and Reiki because they help to clear negative energy and improve concentration.

Learn To Play Singing Bowls

Learning how to play singing bowls can be a challenging task.

The first thing you need to do is purchase the proper set of bowls, which can be difficult for the beginner to discern.

Then, you will want to learn about the different options for mallets and their proper use.

You will also want to find a good teacher who can help you with the basics of playing bowls, as well as to adapt your technique to the style of bowls you are most interested in playing.

In this article, we will explore some of these options and give some advice on how best to get started with learning how to play singing bowls.

How To Play Multiple Singing Bowls

Playing multiple singing bowls is a lot of fun, but it can be a little bit difficult. You have to hit each bowl at exactly the same time, and that’s not always as easy as it sounds.

However, one must remember that they are not instruments in the traditional sense.

While it is possible to play them in a harmonic series, they should not be treated as if they were a piano or guitar.

Here are the steps to play multiple singing bowls:

  1. Step:

    First, you’ll want to get your bowls in place. You need to make sure that they’re all set up in a way that won’t make them fall over too easily when you play them.

    Try to put them on some kind of cushion, or on something with a very thin lip around it. This will prevent the bowls from sliding off the edge and falling over.

    You can use any number of bowls, but try to use three to start. Put them in any order. Make sure that they are all roughly the same size so that they don’t sound too different from each other.

  2. Step:

    Strike each bowl in order for a few seconds at a time until you have played all of them, then strike them again in reverse order.

    Continue this process until you get a feel for how long you should play each one.

    Make sure that your bowls are all lined up in a row, from largest to smallest. Then take your mallet and tap each bowl once, starting with the largest one first.

    Do this until each bowl starts to vibrate.

    Once all the bowls are vibrating, start tapping them again, but this time do it faster! Each time you hit one of the bowls, it will start vibrating at a higher frequency. The sound will also become louder and more intense.

  3. Step:

    When you feel comfortable with that, try ringing two or more bowls at once. Begin with the same-sized bowls for best results. If the sounds are harmonious, continue playing them together. If they do not sound good together, try using different-sized singing bowls instead.

    Learning to harmonize with singing bowls can take time, but it is well worth the effort.

    The reward is a beautiful and peaceful sound that can be used for meditation or simply background music during your daily activities.

Learn to play Tibetan Singing Bowls

Learn to play Tibetan Singing Bowls

A singing bowl is essentially a bell. You can produce the best tune out of this bow by striking it from the outside.

You need a soft striker or mallet to create a resonating sound for this bowl. Hold it in one hand and then gently stroke it from the outside with a mallet.

You can also create a soothing sound by moving the mallet around the rim of the bowl. This method will allow you to create harmonic and melodious sounds that will last much longer.

You should choose the mallet according to the size of the bowl. Pick a large size mallet if you are using a large one for meditation.

Strike its outer wall and then move the mallet around the rim in a circular motion. That’s how you play it the right way.

Many people don’t know how to hold the bell. You should simply perch it over your fingertips.

Thus, you will get better control over the movement of the bowl and there will be the least contact with it.

I Can’t Get My Singing Bowl To Sing

Do you want your singing bowl to sing, but can’t get it to work? Well, we’re here to help you! Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Step:

    Are you making sure your singing bowl is the right side up? The best way to tell if your singing bowl is right-side up is to make sure the rim is facing upwards.

  2.  Step:

    Next, you need to make sure your singing bowl is clean and dust-free. If there are any dust particles on the surface of the bowl, they could prevent it from producing noise.

    You also need to consider whether you’re using the right mallet for the job. A wooden mallet won’t properly activate a metal singing bowl in the same way that a metal mallet won’t properly activate a wooden one.

  3.  Step:

    Finally, try applying pressure evenly around the rim of your singing bowl with the mallet.

    Move slowly and evenly around the rim, making sure not to hit any spots too hard or too softly.

    If you do this correctly, you should hear a sustained ringing sound that lasts for several seconds at a time.

What Are The Most Common Questions Asked?

How To Buy a Good Tibetan Singing Bowl?

To buy a good Tibetan singing bowl, choose the style that best suits your personal taste and lifestyle. You also want to be sure that the seller of your singing bowl can provide the documentation and service you need.

Can you put water in a singing bowl?

The short answer is yes, you can. The water will vibrate and create organic and natural sounds when sound waves will move through the vibrating water.

How do I clean my singing bowl?

Environmental factors and pollution can cause significant damage. You should squeeze one lemon in clean water and then soak a clean cloth in that water.

Now, use this cloth to clean it. Soak another cloth in normal water and use it to clean the lemon water mix and then dry it in the air.

What can you do with a singing bowl?

They are great tools for mediation and also for relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and generating positive energy.

What do singing bowls sound like?

They sound like a bell but their sound vibrates and lasts much longer than an ordinary bell.


Now you know how a “sound bell” works, how to play it, and why it is essential for your meditational practices.

You also know the best singing bowls for beginners, so place the order now and get the best one to align your chakra system and meditate in a relaxing way.

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