Steel Drum Music: Find the Best Collection of Music

It is quite hard to find a person who does not like steel drum music. It is melodious, entertaining, and quite exciting. This percussion instrument was invented on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and today it is popular across the globe.

Many great artists emerged over time, who chose this instrument to produce some amazing music albums. Their passion and enthusiasm for these drums lead them to create extremely entertaining music for the fans.

Today, there is a long list of albums featuring steel drum music. You may like to try some of them, but which ones? Continue reading and this post will help you in finding the best songs to play on this type of drum.

Best Steel drum Music

You won’t get the feel of attending a beach party if they are not playing the best music. This music makes each seaside event awesome. 

Beach-side venue owners and event organizers make sure they call the best DJ with a great collection of music.

Thus, such events become more memorable when your favorite album is played. There is a huge collection of this type of music on the internet.

Therefore, picking the best music for an upcoming event can be a little daunting. You can choose one of the following albums to play originals and cover songs in your parties and events.

A lovely Cruise: The Steel Drum Music of Jimmy Buffet

Robert Greenidge is considered one of the leading musicians in the world. He is also an integral part of Jimmy Buffet’s Coral Reefer Band.

He also offers his services as a pannist in the Club Trini group.  This album includes a collection of Robert’s all-time favorite Jimmy Buffet songs.

Songs like “One Particular Harbor, Grapefruit Juice Fruit, Boat Drinks, Brown Eyed Girl, and many great songs are included in this entertaining album.

All these songs are quite entertaining and show the true steelpan skills of Robert Greenidge. You will get a lot to learn if you buy this music album.

Steel Drum Gold

Exciting music is played whenever Caribbean islands are featured for a refreshing vacation in ads.

Not everyone can visit those amazing venues, but you can play the Gold album in the backdrop to create a vocational environment at your home.

This album features 15 island favorites. Bob Lyons is a professional pannist. Everyone is a fan of his drumming skills, which create a joyous island-style environment during the events.

He is presenting his favorite 15 music songs in this album. You would enjoy each song featured in this amazing album.

Caribbean Island: Steel Drum Favorites

This album is featuring songs recorded by top artists. It includes great performances such as:

Marianne, Red Red Wine, Pass the Dutchie (Pass The Kouchie), Matilda, St. Thomas, Don’t Come Back Again, Down Presser Man, Shake Shake Shake Sonora, and some more great songs that you will love it.

This album is sold at quite an affordable price on Amazon and you can place your order now.

You won’t regret this purchase because there are top tracks recorded by top artists and pannists in the world. So, get it now and add it to your favorite collection of drum music.

Jamaican Rhythms of the Steel Drums Music Band and Calypso Classics, Vol. 2

This album is introduced by the Pirates of the Caribbean Band. This band is responsible for producing numerous fun Jamaican music songs to date.

This album was launched back in 2010 and it is still one of fans’ favorite steelpan music albums.

This album provides you with 31 modernized music tunes. You can easily notice the influence of calypso classics and Jamaican reggae in these tracks.

This music will remind you of the beauty of the Caribbean paradise in a soothing way. UMA World Music International is selling this album at a very affordable price and you can also listen to it online.

Steel Drum Island Collection: Dock of the Bay & More

They have produced many great albums, but its 2008 collection Vol. 4 is a top-rated collection of music tracks.

This collection features ten great songs and each one of them provides a different steelpan music experience.

You can play this music in parties, beach weddings, and Caribbean-themed events.

This collection of ten songs costs a very affordable price and your local music record retailers cannot find it in any store. So, get it online if you love to play true Caribbean-style music at home.

Steel Drum Island Collection: Hot Hot Hot & More

Another collection of superb music songs from this band, but this album also features songs such as:

“I Can See Clearly, Day’o, Red Red Wine, Limbo Rock, Jammin, Shake Senora, La Bamba, and three more popular songs from top rated artist.

It is one of the most popular steelpan albums on the internet with 4.3 ratings by most buyers.

Whether you want to have some fun or simply relax and enjoy the evening, there is a track for you. Each track features melodious steelpan music, which you can also try at home to play on your drum.

Steel Drum Beach Party

You simply can’t ignore Beach Party if you are looking for party songs with steel drum music.

This album features party songs created by The Island Caribbean Band. There are 26 amazing tracks in this album and each track seems better than the previous one.

This album also features songs from Joe Cocker, The Beatles, Beach Boys, and many other popular bands, which used pan music to create amazing songs.

It is a perfectly assembled album of immortal music songs. You won’t regret spending your money on this album.

Steel Drum of Trinidad

A vintage music album was launched in the mid-70s, which is remastered in 2010 and introduced as the title says.

It includes top classics of steel drum music, which you won’t like to miss if you are a true fan of this type of music.

This album reveals the true charm of Trinidadian music, which is refreshing and entertaining at the same time.

There are 15 tracks in this album. Along with classic Trinidadian music, this album also includes a tribute to 1974’s top hit “T.S.O.P”.

Get it now because this album costs a very affordable amount of money.

The Esso Trinidad Band

The Esso Trinidad Band was probably the most popular band in Trinidad and Tobago between 1942 and 1976.

This band produced many amazing tracks, which got popular across the globe. This particular album from The Esso Trinidad Steel Band includes 12 amazing tracks.

Tracks like I Want You Back, Aquarium, and Cecilia made this album one of the most entertaining steel band albums in the world.

You may already have listened to some of its songs while on a tropical vacation. Now buy it to play Caribbean-style music at your parties and events.

Carnival Steel Drum Collection Vol. 1

This album is indeed a classic piece of steelpan music, which was released by The Carnival Band.

People love this band because its songs boost their mood immediately. Hot Hot Hot is the most popular one in its tracks, but there are 9 more entertaining tracks to play and enjoy the party on a beach.

You should buy this music album if you want to have a collection of feel-good tracks from the Caribbean Islands.

How to Choose Steel Drum Songs?

Take care of the following things while looking for the best steel drum songs:

  • Read the reviews:

Amazon is providing many great drum music albums online. There are so many great options and therefore it can be difficult to assess which album is perfect for your entertainment demands.

Go and read buyer reviews to pick a top-rated album of steelpan music songs.

  • Play a few tracks:

It was not possible to pre-listen any new track from a new album because you had to buy the album from the local music store.

Things are changed now and you can take a sneak peek into a few tracks of the album. So, take advantage of this feature to ensure you are picking the best steel pan music album.

  • Choose a highly regarded steelpan music artist:

The chances of buying a boring music album would be very low if you choose a renowned artist’s album.

Many great artists have earned people’s respect in the Caribbean Islands for their drumming skills. Pick albums that feature songs of these artists.

Steel Drum Music Sheet

Many artists have shared music sheets on their blogs and social media channels.

You can access those sheets online and then practice their songs at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to read steel drum sheet music?

You need to recognize and learn the names of the notes, which are written on the line.

Regular practice will help you in memorizing each note and then you can play the music on your steel pan by reading different notes on drum sheet music.

Which are famous steel drum bands?

We have already listed the names of steel bands with their most popular albums. You can check the details in the reviews.

How many instruments are in a steel drum band?

A steel band comprises 11 types of instruments. Each one of these 11 instruments is important for creating amazing music.


Many renowned artists have contributed to creating memorable drum tracks. Whether it is a classic track or a modern one, steelpan makes it sound unique and exciting.

We have suggested the best albums from the most popular Caribbean labels. Each one of them features an amazing collection of tracks. Try one of them if you love to listen to steel drum music.

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