Hang Drum for Sale: Top 10 Handpan Reviews to Pick the Best Under Your Budget

It is normal to feel lost when you are searching hang drum for sale on the internet. Many different platforms provide them and most of them claim to offer the best instrument.

It might seem a bit difficult to pick the best instrument due to so many choices. Continue reading and you will know what to look for when buying your first one. The larger handpan you pick the longer it reverberates.

You will learn many such factors, which are important to consider when buying a hang drum. This knowledge will always prevent you from buying a poor-quality instrument.

Best Handpans and Hang Drums

A handpan is the most recent addition to percussion musical instruments. It looks like a steel pan, but it is not a steel pan drum.

It is a totally unique instrument. Many people don’t get it and mistakenly pick the wrong instrument from the market.

We can prevent you from making that mistake. You are going to save a lot of time if you are looking for the best handpan drum for sale.

We have published reviews of the 10 best to help you in picking the best one quickly.

Luvay Hand Pan Drum – 9 Notes 22” Instrument

Luvay is emerging as one of the leading brands on the internet that offers high-quality music accessories and instruments. Its Hand Pan looks quite sturdy because it is made of carbonized steel.

This instrument is 22 inches in diameter and only 14” high. It means you can pack it in its durable carry case and then take it with you anywhere you go.

This percussion instrument produces quite melodic notes, whether you are using mallets or your fingers.

It plays 9 notes, which are D minor (D3 A Bb C D E F G A). You can easily reach each note while playing this drum.

Plastic-coated edges will ensure zero injuries while you are playing this instrument.

It should be your top pick if you are not only looking for the best hang drum for sale, but also for the most durable and reasonably priced percussion instrument.

  • Carbonized steel body and plastic coated edges.
  • Plays 9 notes.
  • Shipped as a perfectly tuned.
  • You get aa stand, bag, and cleaning cloth in the package.
This is box title
  • Some buyers have reported that some notes were not perfectly tuned.

Steel Tongue Drum – 11 Notes 12 inches by Lomuty

If you are looking for a perfect combination of beauty and performance, the Lomuty Steel Tongue Drum should be your first choice.

It is an eye-catching lotus flower tongue drum that comes in sandalwood color.

This drum will always be stable during the performance due to its silicone legs. You get this 12” drum with a music book, which teaches every important lesson.

High-quality mallets make it much easier to produce melodic sounds from each of the 11 notes of this drum.

This drum is made of top-quality steel-titanium alloy. It is durable, beautiful, and coated in purple spraying pain that will last forever. Therefore, it can be an awesome choice for learning steelpan and becoming a pro pannist.

You will get a steel drum, music book, mallets, notes stickers, corrosion-resistant picks, and a carry bag in the package.

It weighs only 8.1 pounds and it is 6x6x10 inches in size. It is probably the most beautiful hang drum for sale you can find in the market. Therefore, you must consider buying it.

  • Shipped as a pre-tuned 11-note steel tongue drum.
  • It is a handmade steel-titanium drum, which is later coated in purple spray paint.
  • Features 11 notes of pentatonic scales.
  • You can easily adjust the pitch.
This is box title
  • Notes are not perfectly tuned.

Advanced Version “Lark Music” Hand Pan in D Minor 9 Notes Steel Hand Drum

Capable of playing 9 Notes “D3 A Bb C D E F G A and producing appealing vibration sound, the Lark Music Hand Pan is a superb addition to any steel band.

This melodious instrument comes as a pre-tuned percussion instrument. You can simply unpack it, pick the mallets, and start playing it.

It is 22.8 inches wide and 10 inches high, which means it is easily portable and easy to store. You get a durable carry case to carry this instrument securely anywhere you go.

You can play it for years if you do not hit it too hard and prevent it from direct sunlight and humidity.

  • Made of durable steel material.
  • It plays D3, A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, A, in total of nine notes.
  • You get a pre-tuned drum to play music.
  • The manufacturer offers a comprehensive guide for tuning this instrument.
  • Produces appealing vibrating sound as you hit each note.
This is box title
  • Some notes are not perfectly tuned.

Lark Music Hand Pan in D Minor 9 Notes with Soft Hand Pan Bag

Lark Music is offering some great choices in handpan. This particular is one of the top-rated hang pans you can find in the market.

Being made of robust steel material, it shows exceptional durability. It is 22.8 inches in diameter and 10 inches high. You get a soft care case to carry it wherever you want.

You can take it on a tour to enjoy some tropical music while camping or enjoy a holiday in an exotic location with friends and family. It produces a beautiful vibration sound for any song you want to play.

It plays 9 notes, which are D3, A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, and A. It can survive for many years if you safeguard this percussion instrument against direct sunlight and humidity.

Hitting too hard can damage this pan and untune it. So, go gentle with mallets and your hands when playing this beautiful instrument.

  • It is a durable steel-made hang pan.
  • 8 inches wide and 10 inches high and easily portable with its soft carry case.
  • Plays 9 perfectly tuned notes.
  • You get it pre-tuned.
This is box title
  • Some notes might clash if you do not hit a perfect stroke.

Rakumi 12 inch 13 Note Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Instrument

This beautiful percussion instrument is crafted by hands. Professional craftsman upgraded it to play 13 notes and produce more ethereal sounds.

You get 13 different notes in C major. Thus, it can produce a much wider range of sounds. You can use it to play almost all of your favorite songs.

Whether you prefer mallets or your fingers to play, this instrument produces impressive sounds in both ways. However, you will have to apply more power while playing it with your hands. Go gentle with mallets.

It is a perfectly crafted lotus style, which is made of durable steel. It is equipped with a pleated back and hand spray painting offers it an artistic look.

If you are searching for a beautiful hang drum for sale, it would be a perfect solution for your demands.

It weighs only 5 pounds, it is 12 inches in diameter and 7 inches high. Yes, it seems a little thicker but you can easily carry it in a soft and durable carry case.

  • It is a perfectly crafted Lotus Flower Style.
  • Its natural range is 13 notes, but you can use it to create a wide range of tones.
  • You get a drum, music book, mallets, a bag, picks, and notes stickers in the package.
  • Perfect for learning music, mind healing, and yoga practice.
This is box title
  • The stickers do not last for a long time.

Moukey Mini Tongue Drum Steel Pan

It is a D Major steel tongue drum, which is small and quite impressive. This handcrafted percussion instrument produces quite pleasant tones.

It is a perfect companion for those, who seek a therapeutic instrument for meditation. It can produce 11 different notes in D Major.

Learning Moukey Mini Tongue Drum is quite easy. You get a music book that teaches everything about this charming instrument.

It will take just a few weeks to be familiar with notes and then you can start producing impressive music.

It is a smaller size tongue drum and therefore kids would love to play this instrument. You can encourage children to take an interest in music by presenting this instrument as a gift.

It is made of steel. Therefore, it can easily survive normal wear and tear and provide long-lasting service.

  • Perfectly handcrafted 10”x5.5” drum.
  • Easy to learn and much easier to play.
  • It plays 11 notes in D Major.
  • Hand spray painting and lotus style artistic look makes it looks more appealing.
This is box title
  • Some buyers are not happy with the construction quality.

Advanced Version “Lark Music” Hand Pan

It is the third percussion instrument from Lark Music that made our list. This brand produces highly sophisticated hang drums with exceptional construction quality.

It plays 9 distinct notes in D Minor. Many pro musicians have admired its sound quality in their video reviews.

Yes, it is also made of durable steel and artistic hand spray offers it a unique appeal. It costs quite an affordable price in comparison to other instruments.

Therefore, it can be a great choice for learning and teaching “how to play hang drums”.

This instrument is 22.8“wide and 10” high. You can easily carry it in your car and also barefoot on your back when hiking or going to play it in a music show.

  • Durable construction.
  • A perfect size for professional musicians.
  • Easy to tune at home.
  • Plays 9 notes.
This is box title
  • Just like other Lark Music hang drums, it may also have some untuned notes.

Luay Steel Tongue Drum- 6 inches 8 Notes Percussion Instrument

Luay has been producing and selling top-quality music accessories for a long time. Its hang drums have lured thousands of buyers from many countries towards their superb quality.

This steel tongue drum is only 6” wide and it weighs only 1.947 pounds.

It is also highly portable and quite durable due to its robust steel construction. It features 8 perfectly tuned tongues.

Whether you use picks, mallets, or your hands, you will always produce appealing music with this beautiful percussion instrument. It is hand-crafted by professional musicians.

They have used a steel-titanium alloy mix to provide it with a durable structure. You get it coated in eye-catching green spray paint, which also makes it corrosion resistant.

This 7×6.9×5.3 inches drum costs a very affordable price. Therefore, it can be a great present for someone, who likes to listen to and play tropical music.

You get four picks, a steel tongue drum, a music book, and mallets in the package.

  • It is a 6” drum, designed to be highly portable and easy to use.
  • There are 8 flawlessly tuned tongues, which produce wonderful sounds.
  • You can use mallet and your hands to play it.
  • Handmade by steel and titanium metals which offer it exceptional durability.
This is box title
  • It might sound flat if you hit strokes with too much pressure.

Flatsons Steel Tongue Drum

This beautiful steel tongue drum is designed for sound therapy, yoga, meditation, and for musical practice. It will provide you with great relaxation and you would love to continue playing it for relieving stress.

It is made of steel alloy and comes in charming black color. This 8” percussion instrument can play eight C keynotes. It will always produce melodic sounds, whether you are playing it with your hands or mallets.

Playing some simple songs would be quite easy on this drum. You do not need any musical background to play this instrument.

Unpack it and start playing it. You will soon be familiar with its notes and how to hit those notes to produce therapeutic and entertaining music.

You get a complete kit of drum bags, mallets, and drums. It is easy to carry because it weighs only 3.97 pounds. You can put it on your back and carry it wherever you want to go.

  • Made of durable steel alloy to produce melodic sounds and provide long-lasting service.
  • No prior music training is required to play this instrument.
  • Painted with pearl-finish to make it look attractive and corrosion-resistant.
  • Plays 8 notes of standard C Key.
This is box title
  • Some buyers are not pleased with construction quality.

“Lark Music” Hand Pan in D Minor 9 Notes Steel Hand Drum

You cannot ignore Lark Music percussion instruments, which looking for a high-quality handpan.

This company designs these instruments to provide long and satisfying service. Do not worry about sound quality because this instrument produces appealing D Minor notes.

This hand drum plays 9 flawlessly tuned notes, which are D3, A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, and A. Yes, it is also made of pure steel to produce vibration sound.

It is 22.8” in diameter and 10” in height. Picking and carrying it would be quite easy. You just need to pack it in the bag and take it anywhere you want.

  • Superbly crafted to produce D Major 9 notes.
  • Perfectly sized for professional Caribbean style musicians and hobbyists.
  • You get a complete package of mallets, carry case, and music guide.
This is box title
  • It is quite expensive.

What is a Hang Drum?

A hang drum is a percussion instrument, which is also called a subset of a hand pan. The very first was created by Felix Rohner and Sabrina Scharer in 1999.

Both of them are instrument builders, who were trying to design something new. They called it a hang.

Hang simply means hand in Bernese German and that was a perfect name for a percussion instrument played by bare hands.

Felix and Sabrina were doing research on instruments to develop a metal instrument, which sounds melodious and easy to play with hands.

It was the PANart hang drum that is loved by millions of musicians from all across the globe. This UFO-shaped instrument is made by gluing two half-shells of nitrated and deep-drawn steel objects together.

Its rim is further smoothened to prevent the user from potential injuries. There is nothing inside the drum, you will only see hollow space. All the notes are hammered into the upper shell of the drum.

buy hang drum for sale online

The designer later tunes each note to make this instrument melodious and perfectly tuned. One center note can be surrounded by 7-9 notes in this drum.

This percussion instrument is designed to be played with fingers or mallets. You might untune it if you hit too heavy strokes. Therefore, the experts always suggest playing this instrument gently.

The Hang Drum term was popularized by Lark in the Morning, which is a musician’s service outlet.

This term got popular way faster than Hanhang coined it with Swiss instrument builders. This instrument got popular online, many musicians bought it, played it, and they liked its capabilities.

Many people are buying it today because it is easy to learn and play. You do not need any music training. Just buy it and start playing it.

You will soon understand all the notes and how to play those notes to produce appealing music.

The types of Handpans

There are 8 popular types of handpan drum, which are as follows:

  • Hangpan:

This instrument is prepared from two metal half-shells. Both shells are glued together and there will be a hollow chamber in-between those shells.

This percussion instrument is tuned to play certain sets of notes, which are perfectly placed around the central note.

  • Hang:

It is the first of its kind. This PANart instrument has inspired other instrument builders to develop their own versions of hand drums. It is quite melodious and easy to play.

  • Hang drum:

This handpan steel drum is also quite similar to Hang. You can call it a non-trademarked version of the original one.

This instrument took the online market by storm. You can play it like traditional steel drums and also with bare hands to produce tropical music. Too heavy strokes can damage its tuning.

  • Spacedrum:

The credit of designing and creating this beautiful percussion goes to Metal Sounds, a French instrument manufacturing company.

It is a trademarked product of this company, which is usually considered another type of handpans. Many pros use this drum to play music in shows.

  • Pantam:

You can consider it a close relative of tongue drums. Pantam term was originally introduced during the popularity of Hang.

First, it was used by Israeli distributors and later by the world. However, you may not find a significant difference between hang and pantam.

  • Tongue Drum:

It is unique because you get a hollow tank with tongues cut over the upper shell. This instrument produces bell-like sounds when you hit each tongue with a mallet.

These drums are also called hank drums. These are usually made of pure steel, which offers them a robust and melodic structure.

  • Electric Handpan:

It is an electronic instrument, which perfectly mimics the sounds generated by a handpan.

These are way different from the traditional ones because these are software programs designed to produce particular notes carved on the instrument.

Where to buy a handpan drum?

You cannot find this instrument in every musical shop. You will have to find shops, that specialize in selling tropical instruments if you want to buy one made by an experienced craftsman.

You can check this post right now to find the best online store for getting one.

We have already reviewed the top 10 hand pans available in the market. You can follow the links shared in the reviews to pick the best drum for your musical practices and meditation.

Local musical instrument stores might not be a place to buy a top-quality hang drum. So, avoid that approach.

Hang Drum History:

Hang is not too old. This melodious percussion instrument was invented by Swiss instrument creators Felix Rohner and Sabrina in 1999-2000.

Although it is inspired by classic Trinidadian drums, its shape and way of playing this instrument is quite different. Many other musical instrument designers and experts have worked to make it better.

They later introduced their trademarked and non-trademarked versions of hang and made this instrument popular across the globe.

However, the credit for inventing this amazing instrument will always go to Felix and Sabrina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hang Drum vs Handpan, which is better?

The Hang was introduced to the world by PANart and Hang Drum term was coined by Kyle Cox in 2007.

PANart’s hang was designed to be played by mallet and you can play it by using your fingers. Both instruments are melodious and look quite similar.

How much does a hang drum cost?

Good quality would cost at least $100. Any cheaper instrument will also be cheap in its sound quality. You should invest your money in a moderately priced hang if you want to keep it tuned for a long time.

Why are Hang drums so expensive?

Designing and manufacturing a perfect hang drum for sale is quite a difficult process. It takes time to create a perfectly shaped handpan.

The manufacturer further spends hours on this instrument to tune and make it look attractive. That’s why they’re so expensive in comparison to other instruments.

How does a hang drum work?

Whenever you hit a note, its tone field vibrates. This whole instrument vibrates with each stroke to produce melodious sounds. The produced sound reverberates in the hollow chamber and seems a bit louder.

Is Hang drum hard to learn?

No, they are quite easy to learn. You do not even need prior training in music. We have reviewed only the best ones, which come with a music book. You can use that book to learn this instrument.

Handpan vs Tongue drum:

Tongue Drums have sound-producing tongues designed and cut into the upper shells. All the notes are hammered into the upper shell of a handpan.

This construction difference makes them quite different and unique.


You have multiple options and many renowned brands are offering to hang drums for sale. Be a wise person, check the reviewed products, and then choose a hang drum.

You will save your time, and money, and buy an absolutely perfect instrument to play at home and also in a steel band.

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