Jumbie Jam Steel Drum By Panyard: A Perfect Percussion Instrument

play it on jumbie jam steel drum from panyard

A Jumbie Jam Steel Drum is an ideal percussion instrument for producing high-quality melodic sounds.

It is made of steel pan material that allows this drum to produce impressive melodic sounds.

It is pretty easy to learn how to play this drum. You will enjoy practicing and producing music through this instrument.

It is the best instrument to gift if someone wants to learn music.

What makes it more interesting is that you can learn how to play this instrument without a major music reading experience.

Its design is quite simple and that allows newbies to understand it much faster.

It won’t take much time for you to learn how to play different notes on this drum. Therefore, you can call it the best steel drum made for beginners.

Every newbie artist must try this instrument if there is a desire of learning how to play steelpans.

Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum Reviews

It can be a little confusing to pick the best Steel Drum if you are buying this instrument for the first time.

We have assessed some key features of this instrument and listed the 6 best Jumbie Jam steel drums below.

Check these reviews to save your time and pick the best instrument for you:

Panyard Steel Drum

The phrase “easy to learn” and “fun to play” was written for this particular one. It is what many people describe, as an ideal Jumbie Jam for beginners.

The simple and attractive design, durable construction, and easy learning make it an awesome choice for learners and teachers.

You can learn and play this instrument in various places, such as at home for enjoyment, in a religious place, in schools, and also in a steel band.

It will allow you to produce top-quality music without even reading music sheets. Therefore, the Panyard steel drum must be your top pick if you want a durable and feature-rich drum.

  • An authentic product made for all ages.
  • Produces top-notch sounds like a professional level instrument.
  • Affordable cost and durable construction.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Notes are marked on the drum to help you in achieving perfection.
  • Shipped as a ready-to-play kit along with a carrying case.
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  • It costs almost $200 and therefore it is a bit expensive for beginners.

Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Ready to Play Kit-Silver G-Major with Table Top Stand

It is a more cost-effective solution for your needs. It is also easy to play and learn and it also comes with marked notes.

Both kids and adults would love it because this tabletop steel drum can be used to create a musical environment at home and also at poolside parties.

You get a ready-to-play kit with a durable carry case. It is made of top-quality steel to ensure it will last for a long time.

You get mallets and a tabletop stands for free with this instrument. It provides every beginner with a beginner’s guide to learning how to play.

That’s why you may also not need a music teacher to learn this beautiful instrument.

  • Made of top-quality steel that offers it better toughness.
  • Suitable for both beginners and professional pannists.
  • Notes are marked on the pan.
  • Available as a ready-to-play kit, mallets, a beginner’s guide, and a table top stand.
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  • Although the drum is made of high-quality steel, its stand is made of ordinary plastic material.

Jumbie Jam Authentic Steel Drum Kit Chrome Finish with Tube Floor Stand

It is a wonderful Jumbie Pan for everyone who wants to become a professional pannist one day. Yes, it is made of steel and comes with an impressive Chrome Finish.

It can be a great gift for someone, who wants to play a remarkable tropical instrument to produce Caribbean-style music.

Marked notes and high-quality mallets make it quite easy to produce appealing sound. This jumbie pan won’t break due to its durable construction and do not worry about tuning it.

This made-in-USA steelpan comes perfectly tuned by professional tuners.

You get a ready-to-play kit with a carry case. So, just pick it out, set it up on its tube floor stand, and start playing it.

  • It is a genuine top-quality drum, designed for pannists of all ages.
  • No music reading ability required, you can play it by reading notes marked on the pan.
  • You get a perfectly tuned steelpan with a collapsible tube stand, steelpan guide, and audio tracks to play five originals.
  • Made of top-quality steel to produce melodic for a long time.
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  • This instrument is quite expensive, even for a beginner.

Panyard Steel Drum Ready to Play Kit-Blue

The steelpan designers at Panyard understand that people not only want a high-quality product, but it should also look appealing.

Therefore, they have designed this beautiful Blue Jumbie pan. This kit is simply flawless if you are looking for durable construction and a perfect design.

That blue coating does not affect the sound quality. It produces rich and melodic sounds every time you hit a note.

If your children enjoy tropical music, then this is a perfect gift for them!.

It comes with a beginner guide and many other perks that make it an awesome choice for pros and beginners.

  • Beautiful blue shade offers it a unique look.
  • It is a ready-to-play steel pan kit in which you get mallets, a table top stand, and a comprehensive guide.
  • A perfect companion to other instruments played in a steel band.
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  • Stand is not quite durable.

Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Ready to Play Kit- Chrome

It is a 16” steelpan, perfect to create melodic music at home and in a studio. The demands for this drum are quite high since the day Panyard introduced it.

People are impressed with the quality of melodic sounds it produces.

It is large but not quite heavy. It weighs only 4.5 pounds and measures 12x18x9.2 inches. Therefore, it is an amazing instrument to produce Caribbean music.

  • Made of durable steel material to last forever.
  • Easy to learn and play.
  • Comes with a table top stand, beginner’s guide, mallets.
  • No tuning required.
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  • Poor quality stand.
  • Expensive for the beginners.

Panyard Jumbie Jam Mallets Natural

These mallets are made of natural wood and rubber. These are durable enough to provide years of unproblematic service.

These mallets are super lightweight and easy to maneuver in hands. Therefore, you must buy it if your old mallets are damaged.

  • Made of natural wood
  • Lightweight
  • Quite affordable
  • Return in 30-days if you are not happy with the quality.
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  • No known drawbacks!

Jumbie jam music

You can learn Jumbie Jam Music at home by reading the best steelpan music books. The Jumbie Jam Reggae for Steel Drum is the best book for beginners.

You can also use this book to play other instruments in your steel band.  Many people have turned into pro pannists after reading this book. Therefore, you should also give it a try.

More About Panyard tabletop steel drums

You should buy this one if you are willing to become a pannist. It is a highly sought-after instrument among people who want to learn to play steelpans.

Beginners love it due to its durable construction, affordable price, and sizable construction.

Buy it now if you have not gotten the training to read music sheets. You can play it without reading notes on paper because there are only 8 notes to learn.

Thus, it becomes a great instrument to play for any beginner-level musician. High-quality drums are made of top-quality steel, which easily measures 19.4×16.9×3.3 inches in size.

It is quite a lightweight instrument and that’s why both children and adults can play it easily. Panyard Incorporated Instrument Company had produced this instrument and it still provides top options.

You can easily find high-quality Panyard steel drums for sale online. It won’t cost a lot of money but it will make you a pro within a few months.

It will soon become an integral part of your set. You would indeed love to try some other similar instruments after mastering this instrument.

Its convenient size and lightweight construction allow the pannists to handle this instrument without any problem.

You just need to learn how to hold mallets and how to position yourself to hit each note perfectly. Thus, it will become much easier to learn and play this instrument for producing quality music.

Even though this beautiful instrument is quite affordable, you should still ensure you are picking the best one for your money.

There are many choices in the market and all of them might seem perfect. However, some Panyard drums are way better than others. So, you must understand how to pick the best instrument for your practice.

Final thoughts

Panyard has designed and sold many of these instruments to date. This American brand will continue to produce highly durable and affordable tropical music instruments to produce Caribbean-style music.

The reviewed products are the best produced by Panyard to date. Therefore, you can trust our selection for picking the best Panyard Jumbie Jam Steel Drum.